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The Arts


The purpose of the Arts Council is to assist and support:
Support the College School of Arts in its mission and role.
Engagement with the internal school and external community to promote further enhancement of arts delivery including external arts related organisations
Encouragement of collaboration between secondary school institutions in delivering arts
Awareness and engagement with agencies involved in implementing the SmartArts strategy to assist with arts delivery both in the school and wider community
Assisting with sponsorship establishment and delivery
Assisting with development of funding mechanisms and arrangements to support  facility development and upgrading of arts facilities, operations and curriculum delivery
Promotion of the arts within the school community
Provide a reference group that can provide support, advice and assistance in respect of arts needs, and how such needs may be fulfilled including engagement with organisations involved with the arts such as Creative Tauranga.
Guiding Principles
Acknowledgement of the contribution arts participation makes to providing well rounded and balanced young men.
Widespread acceptance of the benefit quality arts participation.
Appropriate facilities and resources are provided for the effective delivery of arts programmes.
Effective linkages and engagement between the college and community agencies in provision of arts programmes and facilities for young men.
Mission Statement
“Committed to supporting and enabling the provision of a positive arts environment and facilities where students are encouraged to participate and excel in all aspects of the arts, engagement with the arts community to provide both opportunities in the college and community and maintain a positive contribution to all areas of school life”