Contacting the College

Physical Address: 664 Cameron Rd, Tauranga
Postal Address: Tauranga Boys' College, 664 Cameron Rd, Tauranga 
Phone: (07) 5784029
Fax: (07) 578 4853

Specific Contacts

Matters involving college policy should go to the Principal, Mr Mangan or in his absence, Associate Principal, Mr Stuart or Deputy Principals, Mr Hall or Mr Davis. 
Matters of a social nature such as the settling-in process of getting involved in school activities can be referred to your sonʼs Vertical Form Teacher.
Matters involving academic questions and class placements should be referred to the Tutors. They are:
  • Year 13 Mr Macfarlane
  • Year 12 Ms Elmes 
  • Year 11 Mr Hyett
  • Year 10 Mr Orchard
  • Year 9  Mr Young and Mr Deacon
  • Accelerate Mr Cook
Questions involving careers or work experience should be addressed to Mr Meys
Personal matters or issues of health which are affecting learning should be referred to our Guidance Counsellors, Mr Ebbett or Mrs Wallace-Boyd, or to the Student Liaison Office Matters involving discipline Matters such as unexplained absences, loss of equipment, bullying, detentions, classroom behaviour, should be referred to the Associate Principal in charge of Pastoral Care:
Mr Stuart, or Assistant Principal Mr Watson in charge of Student Management, 
or one of the Deans: 
  • Mr Gemming (Year 9)
  • Mr Ormsby (Year 10)
  • Mr Akkerman (Year 11)
  • Mr Bryant (Year 12)
  • Mr Newlands (Year 13)
  • Mr Taitoko (Assistant Dean)
Late lunches, forgotten appointments etc need to be notified to the Student Office before 8.00am to catch the Daily Information Sheet (D.I.S.). The office can deal with a range of information such as opening and closing times, illnesses, uniform shop times and so on.
To make contact with any of these people please ring the College Office. If the person you want is teaching at that time, please leave a message or have them call you back. Return calls are usually made during intervals and lunchtimes, when the teacher has a non-teaching period or after the teaching day ends at 3.15pm. If uncertain as to who to talk to please ask the office staff.