Pastoral Care

The primary principle of the College Charter states that:
"The needs of the children and their learning shall be paramount."
To allow this to occur a pastoral care system is required in order that the needs of the children are identified clearly and that they are able to take their opportunity to learn. Every teacher has a pastoral role, especially the Form Teacher who has a regular involvement with students. In addition there are specialists in student welfare who collectively make up the Guidance System in the College.
Student Liaison Counsellors are the fulltime people responsible for helping students fulfil their potential, both in learning and in relating to their fellow students. They help students reassess situations, look for alternatives and develop new skills and strategies. The counsellors are Mr Brian Ebbett and Mrs Jo Wallace - Boyd .
Academic Tutors are responsible for the academic progress of a complete form level. They help students select courses and deal with problems in classwork and study. There is a Tutor at every level.
Assistant Principal- Student Management: Mr Watson 
The Resource Teacher Learning & Behaviour also works with students to overcome behavioural and learning problems. Guidance staff members contact details can be found in the staff section of our website.
Personal matters or issues of health which are affecting learning should be referred to our Guidance Counsellors, Mr Ebbett or Mrs Wallace-Boyd, or to the Student Liaison Office Matters involving discipline Matters such as unexplained absences, loss of equipment, bullying, detentions, classroom behaviour, should be referred to the Associate Principal in charge of Pastoral Care:
Mr Stuart, or Assistant Principal Mr Watson in charge of Student Management, 
or one of the Deans: 

  • Mr Gemming (Year 9)
  • Mr Ormsby (Year 10)
  • Mr Akkerman (Year 11)
  • Mr Bryant (Year 12)
  • Mr Newlands (Year 13)
  • Mr Taitoko (Assistant Dean)