Zone - Tauranga Boys' College In-Zone Map Description

The Boundaries of the scheme are:

  • Starting in the North East, the zone covers Welcome Bay Rd up to the boundary with Papamoa College Zone (up to 680/677 Welcome Bay Rd, but not including 679 Welcome Bay Rd). 
  • The zone includes all of Waitao Rd, and the whole of Kaite Falls Rd up to the intersection with Rocky Cutting Rd and Te Puke Quarry Rd. 
  • The Eastern and South Eastern boundaries of the scheme are up to, but not including, 1515 Number 2 Rd, Te Matai Rd from Pyes Pa Rd intersection, East to no.2308, but no further. The scheme includes all of Whataroa Rd, Mangatoi Rd, Seales Rd, Mountain Rd, Burd Rd, Kaiawha Rd, Taumata Rd and Omanawa Rd. 
  • To the West the scheme ends on State Highway 29 at the intersection with Old Kaimai Rd and Hanga Rd (Not including 3159 SH29)
  • The North West Boundary is at Old Highway at the intersection with Youngson Rd and Tauranga West (SH2) Rd, up to the intersection with Omokoroa Rd (1311 SH2 is the last included address)
  • To the North the scheme includes all of Omokoroa Point and all areas to the East. The scheme boundary to the North is the South side of Waihi Rd. The scheme also includes Matakana Island, with the Northern-most boundary being 116 Waihirere Rd. 

* Notes - Tauranga Boys’ College reserves the right to conduct a small enrolment review of the school zone if link roads are developed, or any major residential housing estates are developed in these areas.