Academic Philosophy

The academic philosophy of the College is that boys have the best opportunities to learn when they are grouped in classes of similar ability and extended to the maximum.

Our junior classes are streamed and banded on entry and opportunities are provided for students to shift levels as their potential develops.
Currently, an accelerate stream provides work at a level ahead of one's peer group from Year 10, mainstream programmes lead directly to national qualifications, while learning needs and special needs classes aim to strengthen weaknesses to allow the students to compete on a more level footing.
The school offers courses at all levels of the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). Like many secondary schools in New Zealand, Tauranga Boys' College debated the introduction of NCEA at some length. However, we believe that gaining a high quality New Zealand education by following a New Zealand-based curriculum is crucial. We are determined to make NCEA work for our students, but have still looked at other alternatives, such as increasing the number of Stage 1 University subjects that we offer for students who have already completed Level 3 qualifications.
At Tauranga Boys' College, we believe it is important to keep parents regularly informed of their sons' progress. Reports are sent to parents three times during each school year, and there are several opportunities for parents to meet with teachers to discuss their child's progress. The partnership between parent and teacher in the success of boys cannot be underrated.