Examinations are an important part of the College ethos. Last year, together, we improved in several academic areas. This is a fantastic result for the students and teachers. This year we aim to move even higher. 
To do this, these College exams are a very important tool. These exams, either internal or external practice are specifically designed to replicate the NCEA examination experience. We all need to treat them seriously. 
Practice does not mean pointless.
The College has given every Year 11 a study guide to help them progress. An electronic copy is available for download by clicking the link here or at the top this item. It contains tips on how to study as well as techniques and information on learning styles. A copy of the examination timetable is also published here. 
If you have a clash (two exams on at the same time), one of your exams will be rescheduled. See Mr. Hall in the main office to do this.
If you miss an exam due to a College activity, such as sports, or through illness you will also need to see Mr Hall to have that rescheduled. Students who miss an internal through an outside activity, need to understand their may not be a further assesment opportunity.
In September the the college hold a full set of practice external exams. This is to prepare students for NCEA externals in november. These exams take priority over the college events.
Where appropriate, the college will grant students study leave.