Homework has a high priority at Tauranga Boys' College. Doing homework each night develops good work habits and gives students a much better chance to achieve to their potential at school. Regular homework teaches students self-discipline and concentration, it reinforces work done in class and it prepares students for exams.
It is school policy that homework is set on a regular basis for all students. Our aim is to set small amounts of homework regularly in preference to setting large amounts occasionally.
Form Three students should expect up to one hour per night. 
Form Four students should expect up to one and a half hours per night. 
Form Five, Six and Seven students should expect up to two hours per night.
Boys may be given detentions if homework is not completed.
You Always Have Homework
Homework is a series of tasks set by your teacher to be completed by a certain date. This may involve taking notes, reading, doing exercises or skills activities, completing assignments or revising for tests.

  • If your teachers have not set specific homework, students should spend their homework time going over the days workwork, checking that it has been understood, and that notes are neat and well organised.
  • Time spent doing homework is valuable. It is a chance to make sure that all students are up to date with the work covered in class and that it has been understood.
  • Doing homework each night will develop good work habits and enable each student to achieve to his potential at school.
  • Students should always enter all homework, tests and assignments in their homework diary.
  • The Homework Diary
  • The purpose of a homework diary is to give a daily plan book in which students list all homework, upcoming tests and major assignments.
If students use the homework diary properly, it will help them to be well organised and to keep up to date.
  • At the start of the week, write down all subjects for each day of that week.
  • Write down all instructions immediately that they are given.
  • Record all details.
  • If an action is needed in the future (eg there is a test next Wednesday), remind yourself a day before it is due by putting an entry in the diary.
  • Do not use it as a doodle pad! Keep the diary clear and uncluttered, and tidy.
  • Students should take their diary with them to every class, and home each night.
  • Check regularly to see what work still needs to be completed.
  • All junior students are issued with a diary.
  • Class Teachers, Form Teachers and your Tutor will check homework diaries from time to time
  • Parents can write notes/comments to teachers in the homework diary.