Dongmin (Eric) Choi - Korea

Dongmin (Eric) Choi - Korea-Tauranga Boys College

The experiences that you can get at Tauranga Boys’ College are very valuable. I think there are four things that I cannot get in Korea.
The first thing is friends. We can also make friends in Korea, but at Tauranga Boys’ College, I have made best friends who have similar hobbies, so we understand each other.
Second thing is culture. Every country has its own culture. At Tauranga Boys’ College I have learnt Maori culture like the Haka at the Aronui department. It is difficult to learn Maori cultures, but Maori friends have helped us and it was interesting when I learnt the Haka the first time. I think Maori culture is one of the best things that I can experience.
I can also improve my English here at Tauranga Boys’. I have also learnt new facts that I cannot learn in Korea, like plants that only New Zealand has. So I think this school has a good education system like ESOL and different class levels.
The last thing is sports, Tauranga Boys’ College has some of the best school sports teams in New Zealand. I learnt to play tennis the first term I was here. I think is really good to have Physical Education at school, because it is cheaper to join in lots of different sports teams than in Korea and we can also experience new sports like rugby.
In Tauranga Boys’ College I have experienced things that I have never done in my life. I think that it is a good choice to choose this school.