How to enrol at TBC

´┐╝How do I enrol at Tauranga Boys’ College?
  1. Complete the Enrolment Form.
  2. Post, fax or email the completed forms to the International Director.
  3. Please ensure that you send the following with your Forms
    1. A certified copy, in English, of your most recent school report.
    2. Results of any public examinations you have entered.
    3. Details,in English,of proposed ororganised insurance, if you do not want Tauranga Boys’ College to arrange this.
    4. A recent photograph of the student.
    5. A letter about yourself, family and your interests.
  4. Should your application be successful you will receive an Offer of Place and an invoice for fees.
  5. A receipt will be issued after payments and all documents requested are received.
  6. The Offer of Place, Invoice and Receipt can then be included within your Student Visa application lodged by you or your Agent at the New Zealand Consulate in your home country.
  7. All final details are exchanged including subject choices, Homestay details, flight details and a pre-departure orientation leaflet.
  8. Before Orientation day, students arrive and are either met by a Tauranga Boys’ College staff member and transferred to their Homestay caregiver or met by their designated caregiver or parent chosen Homestay caregiver.
  9. Students attend the Orientation day(s) and complete all enrolment procedures. This includes handing in a copy of the valid student permit/visa for Tauranga Boys’ College, a copy of a valid medical and travel insurance policy and any other information requested.
  10. Students are enrolled and are now part of Tauranga Boys’ College.
  11. Welcome to Tauranga.