Joon Hyup Lee - Korea

Joon Hyup Lee - Korea-Tauranga Boys College

What you can learn at Tauranga Boys’ College is much more than what you can learn in schools in Korea. We choose what we learn, freely exploring the world of education. This has been quite a surprise for me as a new student at Tauranga Boys’ College (TBC). First I was shy, timid to venture out but eventually with the help of my teachers, I began to become more active in carving my own path. Mrs Roff and all the other International Department staff have always been a great help. The Kiwi boys are always friendly and help in many ways.
Tauranga Boys’ College has one of the best equipment and materials in New Zealand for young men to learn new things. You can experience almost everything here. Unlike many school in Korea, we conduct many Science experiments in the Science department. There is a Technology department for students who like crafting and making things, an Art block for students who like drawing and designing and then many other new things you cannot try in schools in Korea. Also, being a New Zealand school everyone uses English, boosting one’s speaking and listening ability at the same time.
Because New Zealand has one of the best natural environments, TBC offers a variety of outdoor activities that Korean schools can’t even dream of. Camping is one of them and I was deeply impressed by the things you can do, I have never even seen a Kayak before. Tauranga Boys’ College gives the best experiences in life. If you are considering studying in Tauranga, I can say, without any hesitation or regret, that Tauranga Boys’ College is your best shot.