Jun You - Korea

Jun You - Korea-Tauranga Boys College

Hello!! My name is Jun You. I am from South Korea. I am a TBC (Tauranga Boy’s College) student and I have been in New Zealand for 2 years. I really enjoy my school life and school system in New Zealand. I am able to do a lot of different kind of sports like surfing, rugby, kayaking, and sailing. Also my school system and policy for the international student are well organized and planned out. The environment in Tauranga is very suitable for the international students to study English and experience different cultures.
The teachers and staff in international department organize a lot of school events to encourage international students to integrate with kiwi students. Also I have received a lot of help and advice about my future and career from the teachers in the international office.
Moreover I haven’t experienced any racial discrimination which I thought I might face as an Asian student at the beginning. My friends have been supportive and treated me equally regardless of my skin color.
all of my teachers are very considerate and kind to international student. They always guide me to correct path in studying.
When I started school in Tauranga I was one of the naughty students and I was told that I was interrupting the class l and acted as a school clown frequently, which I wasn’t aware of what I was doing. Fortunately my international teacher, Mrs. Roff pointed out that I was being naughty and disruptive in class. she gave me warm hearted advice , which made me think about what I was doing wrong and change. Now I am more focused on studying and work hard for my future goal. Since then I have achieved the good test results and received positive feedback from my teachers.
I can say studying in NZ have been my best choice and a turning point in my life.
I don’t hesitate to recommend any other international students to study at Tauranga Boy’s College in Tauranga.