Newsletter 2 April 2015-Recent News-Tauranga Boys College

Newsletter 2 April 2015

Newsletter 2 April 2015

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With the end of Term 1 upon us, it is timely to reflect on what has been a short but very productive and successful term.   The College continues to grow in size, having the largest number on the roll as at 1st March of 1900 students including international students.  I believe this reflects the strong reputation the College has locally and amongst our wider community in meeting the needs of our boys across a wide range of indicators.


Academically our boys have made a good start to the year.  Their progress has been reported on to parents so that you are informed of how your son has started the year.  As previously advised, where you have concerns I would encourage you to make contact with the appropriate person at the college, for example the class teacher, tutor or dean.


We received notification of the performance of our boys in NCEA and Scholarship (in 2014).  Our NCEA results were very pleasing with results at Level 1 of 77.8% [boys’ nationally 66.9%), and at Level 3 of 69.5% [boys nationally 53.5%], being the best ever, above all other national comparisons except girls in girls’ schools.  Whilst our Level 2 result of 74.8% was equal to our 2013 result and better than the results for boys nationally of 72.0%.  Note that these are roll based figures. They include all students who were on our roll on July 1st and give a clearer picture of overall achievement than participation based figures which are often reported in the media.  This distinction is important when comparing the level of achievement between schools.   See page 2 for table of Roll Based Comparisons for 2014. 


Our Scholarship results of 30 and 2 at Outstanding level were pleasing.  Of particular note and satisfaction were the 16 Scholarships achieved by boys in Year 12 in 2014, who will again sit Scholarship Examinations in 2015.


We have enjoyed the opportunity to engage with parents with a number of events happening through the term including a Year 9 Meet the Teacher Evening, a Year 9 Maori Parents Evening, a PTA Meeting, an Accelerate Parents Evening, as well as a number of parent meetings of specific interest groups in sport, the arts, and overseas tours. I thank you for your attendance at these meetings and hope they have given you an understanding of how to support your son in partnership with the College to achieve his goals for the year.


I remind you of upcoming opportunities to further support your son:


Year 11 - Parent / Son / Form Teacher Interviews - Wednesday 29th April 4.00pm to 6.00pm

Year 12 - Parent / Son / Form Teacher Interviews - 

Wednesday 6th May 4.00pm to 6.00pm.

The focus of these meetings with Form Teachers is to discuss your son’s educational plan for 2015 as outlined in my previous newsletter.  Parents can book online from 3rd  April - to book a time go to website

Year 11 parents use code SEG4L

Year 12 parents use code UMAF6 

Note:  Your son is expected to attend the interview with you to maximize the value of the discussion.


Parents of boys in Year 9 and 10 will have the opportunity to have an interview with Subject Teachers on Thursday 14th May at the Year 9/Year 10  Parent/Teacher Interviews.  Details of timing and bookings will be provided in the next newsletter early in Term 2.           


Outside the classroom boys have enjoyed a wide range of both curricular & co-curricular opportunities. 


The highlight for Year 9 boys will have been the Year 9 Camps held at Bowentown.  These camps were extremely successful with the boys relishing the opportunity to experience surf kayaking, snorkeling, boogie boarding, fishing, tallyho, to name a few and the challenge of cooking their own meals and camping out with classmates.



In sport we have completed the Summer Sports Season, culminating in the Summer Sports Tournament Week where over 160 boys represented the College with pride and success, and conducting themselves with distinction both on and off the field.  

In the Arts our Big Band has completed a successful tour of local schools in preparation for the National Jazz Festival - see Page 3 for details, and our Debaters have also achieved.  


I take the opportunity to acknowledge and thank the staff of the College who have worked very hard over the term to provide additional curricular and co-curricular opportunities for our boys.  They are a committed team who give a considerable amount of their time outside the classroom to enhance the experience and opportunities for your sons.


I wish all of our boys, parents and staff a very enjoyable Easter break and holiday with family and friends.  I look forward to welcoming the boys back safety on Monday 20th April, refreshed and ready for the challenges that Term 2 will hold.


Robert Mangan, Principal