Newsletter 31st July 2015-Recent News-Tauranga Boys College

Newsletter 31st July 2015

Newsletter 31st Jult 2015

Newsletter 31st Jult 2015-Recent News-Tauranga Boys College

Two weeks of Term 3 are over already, and only 12 school weeks remain for students in the Senior School before a large number of them are released on Study Leave in preparation for their NCEA External Examinations. It is important that our senior boys are totally focused on completing NCEA Internal Assessments and Unit Standards to maximise their academic success for the year.
Whilst students need to be focussed on their school work and completing all required assessments to the best of their ability, they need to also be thinking of their options for 2016. Those who intend to leave for tertiary study will need to be applying for universities, polytechnics or other tertiary institutions as well as accommodation in halls of residence. Alternatively, those looking to get into employment, will be exploring the various opportunities available to them to gain a job and embark on a future career.
Those boys intending to return to school need to be giving thought to subject selection for 2016. The process began this week with the Academic Tutors of each year level addressing their year group about the importance of and process of selecting next year’s courses.
All Year 10 students have been given a “Senior Curriculum Booklet” providing information on the extensive range of options provided and the pathways available at the College.
This extensive document is available online at our website - ‘Quick Links’ - senior curriculum booklet: mydocuments/academic/ SeniorCurriculumBooklet.pdf
We held an Option Evening on Wednesday evening this week targeted at Year 10 boys to guide their selection of options as they begin their first year of NCEA in 2016.
In the coming weeks your son’s Form Teacher will work with him to select options, providing guidance around pathways, prerequisites etc. This is an extension to the Academic Coaching Programme that Years 11 and 12 boys have been involved in with their Form Teacher, and a follow-on from the earlier Parent/Student/ Teacher Interviews held in Term 1.
The Form Teachers are growing their knowledge of your son’s academic pathway, based on the interviews held, your son’s education plan and vocational interest which will enable them to provide guidance on option selection with regard to your son’s future plans and aspirations.
The Form Teacher remains with your son for his time at the College and they are well placed to provide this guidance and support in his development.
I would encourage you to spend time with your son prior to him finalising options for 2016 so he considers decisions carefully and makes an informed decision.
I would also encourage you to seek additional information about options and pre- requisites for future options by consulting the Senior Curriculum Booklet or alternatively emailing the contacts available in each curriculum area as listed in the booklet.
An additional source of information in this process is the parent portal. Here you are able to track the academic achievement (to date) of your son. This will give some indication if your son is going to achieve the pre-requisites required for his 2016 options. You can also view the vocational pathway he shows interest in through his selection of subjects he is studying this year.
Once the options have been selected by your son you will have the opportunity to confirm this final selection for 2016. This process is important for staffing the College for 2016 as we create classes based on student choice and this choice drives our timetable. Option changes requested after this final selection cannot be guaranteed unless essential due to boys academic results and non achievement of pre- requisites, so we appreciate boys deliberating and getting their selection right first time.

Robert Mangan