Newsletter 3rd July, 2015-Recent News-Tauranga Boys College

Newsletter 3rd July, 2015

Newsletter 3rd July, 2015

This newsletter brings to an end another very busy term, with a large number of our boys experiencing success both within and outside the classroom. The eleven weeks have been crammed full of activity with boys balancing school work with co- curricular opportunities, as noted in this and previous newsletters. The combined TBC/TGC Production “Spamalot” was an outstanding success and undoubtedly the highlight of the cultural programme, coming on top of the success achieved at the NZ Super 8 Schools’ Cultural Festival. In sport our boys have been very busy with large numbers participating and competing in the various winter codes achieving considerable success.

Alongside the co-curricular activities, the focus has remained on achievement in the classroom, to which the vast majority of our boys have responded to the challenges, achieving good academic results. The senior boys have gained NCEA internal Credits towards their certificate, and knowledge and understanding in preparation for the external exams timed for the end of the year.

As you will be aware, we have tracked this achievement so your son will know what he has achieved and what he needs to do in the future to reach his goals. This level of achievement has also been reported to you so you can support your son in his school work and encourage him to achieve his potential.

An important organizational skill for your son to develop is time- management so he can balance all the demands that are placed upon him. With over half the academic year completed this two week holiday break is a good opportunity for your son to plan his work over the 14 weeks remaining until he is released for study leave. Note, not all senior boys will be released for study leave on November 6th, as the College will continue to offer opportunities to gain internal achievement credits where appropriate.

I am very grateful to all of our teachers who have worked hard over this term to maximise achievement of our boys in the classroom, their core responsibility, and also given freely of their time outside the classroom, both in sport and culture, providing opportunities for your son to participate in. The level of support of staff at the College is outstanding and we are indeed fortunate to have the large number willing to contribute to the wider life of the College.

I also acknowledge your contribution as parents in supporting your son’s involvement in co-curricular and curricular activities. Your involvement and support of your son is essential for him to achieve his potential across a wide range of activities.

One example of that collaboration with school, Whanau and family is our Tama Tu trip of 29 boys travelling to Europe following in the footsteps of the 28th Maori Battalion. We farewelled this group led by Messrs Durie, Davis, Taitoko and Ormsby last Saturday morning on a ‘trip of a lifetime’. We look forward to them returning safely and welcoming them back on Thursday 16th July. Pictured below are the boys performing the Haka, in front of their parents and Whanau, prior to them boarding the bus to Auckland International Airport.