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Scholarship and Scholars Assembly

Scholarship and Scholars Assembly

This week we held our annual Scholars Assembly to recognize boys who have gained scholarships in 2014. We welcomed back those who gained scholarships and have now left the college and the boys who are currently in Year 13.
We are very pleased with the results f rom the examinations held in November and December last year with our boys gaining 32 scholarships including two at outstanding level. Sixteen scholarships were achieved by boys in year 13, and 16 by year 12 in 2014. This bodes well for our results this year.
Scholarship is the pinnacle of academic achievement at secondary school level. It is the culmination of many years of academic study, academic ability and hard work by the student, combined with the support and guidance from subject teachers. This support not only occurs in the year the examination is sat, but in the years prior, enabling the student to show their knowledge in the examination.
In total 15 boys achieved scholarships spread across 12 different subject areas. This shows the college has strength across a wide range of curricular subjects with very capable teachers to guide boys to success in scholarship.

Faculty Results

  • Sciences 9 scholarships
  • Mathematics 8 scholarships
  • Humanities 7 scholarships
  • Business 6 scholarships

Top Subjects

  • Mathematics with Statistics  - 7 scholarships
  • Physics  - 3 scholarships + 1 Outstanding
  • English  - 3 scholarships
  • History  - 3 scholarships
  • Accounting - 3 scholarships
  • Economics  - 3 scholarships
  • Chemistry -  3 scholarships

Tauranga Boys' College recognise those who gain scholarships by presenting them with a scholars tie and a certificate.