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School Buses in Term 2

School Buses in Term 2

Tauranga Boys CollegeFrom Term Two, a fare will be charged for using the service. This means the easiest and cheapest way for you to use the Schoolhopper is with a Smartride card. So we’re giving you your own card – which is pre-loaded with $10 to get you started.

***These cards will be will by Tauranga Boys' College on Monday the 30th of March, 2015.

Schoolhopper fare

The Schoolhopper fare is also available on the Bayhopper buses, Monday to Friday during term time.

  • Cash - $1.60 per trip
  • With a Smartride card - $1.15 per trip

Your ticket is valid for one hour – meaning you can transfer to a different Bayhopper or Schoolhopper service without paying another fare. You must keep your ticket to show to the driver.
You can top up your card on the bus (either the Schoolhopper buses from term two or any Bayhopper bus anytime) or at the Tauranga iSite in Willow Street.

Using Smartride Cards
• Minimum top-up $10
• Your credit can be transferred to a new card, however we
are unable to provide refunds of credit
• You can register your card at so that we can stop the use of it or transfer credit to a new card if you lose it
To find out more about using the Schoolhopper network visit