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Outdoor education compliments and enhances the traditional curriculum available at Tauranga boys' College. It provides oppourtunities for learning, different from those in the classroom and has special value in the interpersonal and social development of the students. It offers experiences and challenges in and around some of the environments that mould us as a region and provides a real pathway to students keen to transfer these skills in to tertiary training and employment. Tauranga Boys' College offers further Outdoor education oppourtunities in Year 10 camps culminating in the senior option classes in Years 11, 12 and 13.
All Year 9 students are taken to Bowentown for a three day camp in Term One. They are allocated four Health lessons to plan and organise the equipment and food requirements for camp along with a post camp lesson to reflect on their social responsibility performance which is indicated in their first school report. the students are accompanied by their PE teacher, a GAP Tutor and a teacher experienced in both the environment and activities offered at camp and the Tauranga Boys' College Outdoor Education philosophy.


A new component to the Bowentown experience is archery. Designed to test their eye hand co-ordination and determination, this activity will further enhance the camp experience and their contribution to the individual social responsibility levels. Prizes awarded to the student in each class that proves to be the most accurate.


Students confidence, courage and determination levels are sorely tested in this highly enjoyable and rewarding component of the camp. Challenges are set on the demanding rock wall that caters for all climbing abilities and experience, and the world record is there to be broken (se last year). You choose what will test your ability and comfort levels and go about acheiveing your goal. The view out to Matakana and Karewa Islands from the fine white sandy beach while doing so is just as enjoyable. Orca whales also frequently hunt in the harbour and are easily spotted from this stunning beach known as Cave Bay.


Students can test their courage and push their comfort levels by exploring the various cracks, holes and caves in the rock wall along the Cave Bay beach. Taking a torch and seeing how deep you can get into the rock is a great introduction into caving and a possible chance to reach where no one else has been before.


Students are encouraged to participate in fishing off the rocks at Bowentown Heads, from the beach at Cave Bay and the southern end of Waihi Beach. Targeted species are predominantly kahawai, trevally and snapper with the odd stingray and kingfish keeping the tackle honest. Sets of surf casting equipment and bait are supplied for interested students along with the oppourtunity for the keen fisherman amongst us to bring their own gear. Basic fishing and tackle safety is expected. Ask your teachers if this may be you. Prize awarded to the most memotorius catch.

Flat Water Kayaking

After identifying potential dangers in the area, students perform basic water and kayak specific safety skills in the sheltered and picturesque Anzac Bay. Individual and team challenges add to the confidence and skill development to prepare them for the demands of the Waihi Beach surf the next day.


Mt Bowentown, Urupa and Pa sites
While on the Bowentown camp experience, students learn the significance of the area and surrounding landmarks. Sites include Anzac Bay,a historical trading and mariner stop over, and the Bowentown pa and Urupa sites. If you look carefully at the above picture you can see the stepped land adjacent to the top car park that designates where the palisades use to surround the top of the pa site and the lone structure of the Anzac Bay toilet block left from the long gone mariners and trading post. From the trig station (Maori look out) where the track leads to from the original Pa site, the view can only be described as spectacular with a vista as far North as the Alderman Islands and south to White Island and the East Coast.


Students perform and orienteering activity upon arrival to Bowentown that takes them to some of the areas encountered around the peninsula. With map in hand, students in groups of 3 or 4 are required to answer questions specific to the destinations identified upon the map.
This activity server to familiarise the students with their environment and doubles as a risk identification and management task that enables them to become aware of the potential hazards that confront them during the camp. Prizes are awarded to the team that finishes the orienteering circuit the fastest relative to the correct responses.


The Bowentown experience has a number of venues where snorkeling is both fun and safe, with Shelly Beach on the western end of the peninsula the most popular. Schooling Mullet, Herring and Parore are encountered on most trips along with the odd stingray, paddle crab and octupus. All equipment is provided and students are welcome to bring their own to enhance comfort and enjoyment. no experience is needed and this activity follows the challenge by choice philosophy that the Tauranga Boys' College Outdoor Education programme implements.

Stunt Kiting

Students get the oppourtunity to get a taste of a large component of the Yr 12 and Yr 13 Outdoor Education course by participating in stunt kite flying and potentially kite boarding. When conditions and wind is suitable, students get to launch and feel the power of the school's 1m stunt kites performing figure 8's, kite loops and ground swoops to test their control and understanding of wind windows and power zones. Where appropriate the progression to the 3m version with a land board may further challenge those keen students looking at the possibility of becoming one of the kite surfing fraternity seen in and around Tauranga Harbour, Mount and Maketu beaches.

Surf Kayaking

After grooming their skills and confidence on the flat water, the students will hit the south end of Waihi Beach to really test their courage and stamina. All kayaking and safety equipment is supplied along with an experienced surf-kayaking instructor. The surf-kayaking component is a challenge by choice situation, with buddy peers working together to maximise safety and enjoyment. This hardcore activity has ranked a very close second to Tally-Ho as the most memorable activity on camp.

Swimming and Beach Games

An integral part of the Bowentown camps is the variety of beach games offered by the staff. Cricket, touch, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, body surfing, sand sculpting, shell and tennis ball skimming are just some of the competitive games seen on and around the beaches and camp site while the students are up there. these games develop their social and competitive relationships within the group, which can be transferred to all learning areas while attending Tauranga Boys' College along with being a lot of fun and the chance for the PE staff to show their natural ability and stamina.


Wile at Bowentown, the students will have the pleasure of encountering a variety of wildlife from the worlds smallest penguin to the worlds largest dolphin. In previous years students have been lucky enough to see in their natural environments, Little Blue Penguins, Shags, Gulls, Orca, Dolphins and a variety of sea-life. Some of these animals are endangered species so controlling predators, pollution and human interference is crucial to their survival.