Our People

At Tauranga Boys’ College, we are proud to have some of New Zealand’s finest educators. Tauranga Boys’ College employs more than 200 full and part-time staff, including teachers, administration, grounds and maintenance staff.

Senior Executive

A TurnerAndrew Turner

Principal [email protected]

21stuartIan Stuart

Associate Principal [email protected]

21watsonLeyton Watson

Deputy Principal, Learning & Achievement - Junior School [email protected]

Grant MarshallGrant Marshall

Deputy Principal, Learning & Achievement - Senior School [email protected]

Senior Leadership Team

Amanda IbbitsonAmanda Ibbitson

Assistant Principal, Principal’s Nominee, NZQA [email protected]

21howardNeil Howard

Assistant Principal, Teacher Systems & Support [email protected]

M OrmsbyMichelle Ormsby

Assistant Principal, Pedagogy 

21merritWayne Merritt

Assistant Principal, Human Resources & Property [email protected]

21akermanMichael Akkerman

Assistant Principal, Student Management [email protected]

Key Staff

Principal's Executive AssistantJanine Goldthorpe [email protected]
Business ManagerLorna McGregor[email protected]

Director of International

Annette Roff

[email protected] 

Director of Sport

Darrell Boyd

[email protected] 


Jo Wallace-Boyd

[email protected] 

Future PathwaysTom Collin[email protected]


Leaders of Faculty


Aaron Wright

[email protected] 


Cameron Hays

[email protected]


Katrina Larsen

[email protected] 


Phil Adams

[email protected]  

Inquiry Learning

James Brooks

[email protected]


Chris Leishman

[email protected] 

Learning Support

Rachelle Stratton

[email protected]


Damien Galvan

[email protected]

Physical Education

Steven Kelly

[email protected]


Regan Ward

[email protected] 


Gareth Osmond

[email protected] 

2024 Academic Tutors

Year 9
Aaron Leech
[email protected]

Year 10

Dylan Jackson

[email protected] 

Year 11

Jana Pretorius

[email protected]

Year 12

Vicky Lacey

[email protected]

Year 13

Charles Williams

[email protected]


Brent Salmon

[email protected] 

2024 Deans

Associate DeanNathan Bradley[email protected]
Year 9
Adam Garner
[email protected]
Year 10Dan Anson[email protected]
Year 11Alex Bryant[email protected]

Year 12

Hamish Boyce

[email protected]

Year 13

Richard Apanui[email protected]

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