TBC Student Stationery

Tauranga Boys' College is a BYOD school. All students will need to bring a device to school.

Year 9 and 10 Stationery packs can be purchased online here or in the TBC Uniform Shop, however, Years 11 - 13 will need to purchase from:

Student Stationery Lists

All Year 9s & 10s

Product DescriptionQuantity
Exercise Book 1 E5 Quad2
Exercise Book 1 B82
Refill Pad 14B8 7mm Looseleaf2
HB Pencil2
Bic Clic Pen Medium Blue2
Bic Clic Pen Medium Red2
Pencil Sharpener1
* Chromebook or laptop preferred.
iPads are okay, but must run latest version of Chrome
Must have WiFi - security WPA2 enabled


Year 11-13

Senior subject courses vary greatly and Senior students can purchase their stationery upon subject confirmation, (sometimes occurring in the first week that school returns).  For those unsure, be prepared and bring a refill pad and pen on the first day.

All students require a *Chromebook or Laptop

The Arts


DesignDESno stationery required
All Maths Courses:
Ruler, Blue Pen, Red Pen
DramaDRAno stationery required
All Maths Courses:

no stationery required

Protractor (OPTIONAL)

no stationery required

Compass (OPTIONAL)
Maori Performing ArtsMPAno stationery required
All NCEA Level 1 Courses
Scientific calculator
MusicMUS1x 2B Pencil
MAX2, MAC3 and MAS3
Graphical calculator (OPTIONAL)

2x Refil

PhotographyPHOSD card for camera
Physical Education

SculptureSCUno stationery required
Athlete DevelopmentADPno stationery required
Visual ArtARTno stationery required
Outdoor EducationODEno stationery required

Physical EducationPHEno stationery required



AccountingACCno stationery required
Agricultural & Horticultural ScienceAGH1 x 1B8 64 exercise book
Business StudiesBUSno stationery required
BiologyBIO1 x 1B8 64 exercise book
EconomicsECO1B5 exercise book
Chemistry & Physics - Level 1CPH11 x 1B8 64 exercise book

ChemistryCHE1 x 1B8 64 exercise book

ElectronicsELT1 x 1B8 64 exercise book

Marine ScienceMSC1 x 1B8 64 exercise book
EnglishENGno stationery required

PhysicsPHY2 x 1J8
English ExtensionENXno stationery required

ScienceSCI1 x 1B8 64 exercise pad (punched)
Media StudiesMDSA5 Visual Diary

Vocational LiteracyVLno stationery required




Building Related TradesBRTno stationery required
Classical StudiesCLS1 x 1B8 64 exercise book
Digital TechnologiesDGTno stationery required
GeographyGEO1 x 1B8 64 exercise book
Design and Visual CommunicationDVC1 x complete drawing set
HistoryHIS1 x clearfile

1 x flexicurve
Pacific Studies
PAC1 x 1B8 64 exercise book

1 x 45 set square (260mm)
no stationery required

1 x 60/30 set square (260mm)
1 x 1B8 64 exercise book

1 x HB pencil
Social Studies
Refill, clearfile, 1 note book

1 x 2H pencil

1 x colour pencils

1 x eraser
Learning Languages

1 x pencil sharpener
Academic English (ESOL)ECENno stationery required

2 x 0.5mm clutch pencils
Intensive English (ESOL)IEno stationery required

1 x A3 Folder (Strong)
JapaneseJAP1 x 1B8 64 exercise book

Memory stick

1 x A4 Clearfile

Engineering TradesETRno stationery required

Food For FlattersFFFno stationery required
MandarinMAN1 x 1B8 64 exercise book
Hospitality & CateringHOCno stationery required

1 x A4 Clearfile

Product TechnologyPTCno stationery required

Whakairo Rakau (Wood Carving)CARno stationery required
SpanishSPA1 x 1B8 64 exercise book

Te Reo MāoriMAOno stationery required

* Chromebook or laptop preferred.

iPads and tablet are not ideal in the senior school

Must have WiFi - security WPA2 enabled