Fihaki Family

My family and I have been hosting international students for the past two years now, both long and short term. Currently we are hosting a young man from Thailand named Tanaphat who joined us three months ago. Tanaphat is already a big part of our family and my children already consider him as their big brother. We have many exciting family outings planned, including a weekend away in Taupo and taking Tanaphat to his first rugby game. 

My husband is originally from Tonga (a small island in the middle of the pacific ocean). So not only do our students get to experience a kiwi lifestyle, they also get a taste of Pacific,  consisting of lots of food and family gatherings. Tanaphat is planning to stay with us for the next couple of years, we feel honoured to be able to watch Tanaphat grow and bond with our family. 

Vili & Rachael Fihaki 

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