Smythe-Southerwood Family

As our children grew up and left the nest, we decided to try hosting an international student. Our first few students were short term Japanese boys, they were respectful, grateful and eager to experience everything they could about our NZ culture.

Over the last 12 months we have had a hand full of short term boys and a German boy, Nico, who stayed for 12 months. Nico fitted into our family easily and became like a brother to our 15 year old son, Joe. Nico’s mother & sister came out to stay with us for Xmas. We had a wonderful time showing them our kiwi summer and Christmas activities. It was really sad saying goodbye to Nico but we know we will reconnect again one day. We are looking forward to hosting more students over the coming years.

Brent Smythe & Chris Southerwood

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