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Over the past 4 years we have had the pleasure of hosting many short and  medium stay students from both Japan and Germany. This has been an educational experience, both for the students, and us as the hosts. Language barriers are generally not a problem, unless the student decides to make it so. Most students make an effort, and the more they put into their stay the more they get back.

We like to show our students a great time and around our local Tauranga, and Bay of Plenty areas. We have tried to make all our students visits a trip to remember with activities and with visits to places such as: Rotorua geothermal areas; the Agrodome; Beaches, and swimming when suitable; short bush walks; Paintball; Demolition Derby’s; Barbeques; Camping; Fish and Chips at Dive Crescent (always popular); and day trips around our area. Weekends generally always include some organised activity to show off the best our country has to offer. 

Most students leave, hopefully, having an appreciation for a different culture to their own, and most mention how relaxed New Zealand schooling and family life is in comparison to from where they have come from, and hope to return in the future. 

We have loved having these shared experiences and look forward to more in the future.

Duncan & Prue Upjohn

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