About Tauranga

Tauranga is a very welcoming city and  has a population of approximately 140,000 people, it is the 5th largest and the fastest growing city in New Zealand making it an exciting vibrant city to live in. Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city  is only two and a half hours away by car or 30 minutes by plane.

 Tauranga has a sub-tropical climate and boasts about 2,400 hours of sunshine every year, well above the national average.  As a city we pride ourselves on being safe, respectful and inclusive. Tauranga  is a desired place to live, therefore we can attract top quality teachers to our city to teach in our schools to provide all students a top quality education. We can also as a city provide caring, nurturing homestay families. We as a city have a lot to offer and it is no secret that Tauranga is loved by locals and visitors alike. 

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