Homestay's Stories

My husband & I started hosting students with TBC a few years ago starting with a short term student from Japan.  We loved having him and all the different activities it got us doing.  Next we tried hosting students long term and we enjoyed it so much that we have now hosted a total of six different students from a range of countries.
 We love showing off our beautiful country and taking them places & a recent visit to Taiwan to meet one of our boys families was a definate highlight.  I also get a real thrill out of helping them to improve their language skills.  Its a win, win for both sides!
We count it as an honour and a privilege to be a part of these young boys lives.

Lisa & Dale Pearce

Home Stay Family

This year we signed up for our first long term homestay student through TBC. ?Taiga joined our very busy home in June and has very quickly become a special part of our family. He has been an awesome big brother and has actively participated in our family life. Having him live with us has enriched our home and we will miss him (the boys have discussed how we can kidnap him and keep him forever). I am so grateful for the opportunity my family has had to be a part of Taiga's life and for all we have learned from him . We will miss him but know we have a "son/brother" in Japan and will stay in touch.   We are definitely signing up for another student next year.

Nikki Taula

"We have enjoyed inviting International students into our home, they have brought a great dynamic to the family. We have always tried to blend them in to our family and culture and to make the stay like being at their own home

Lisa Watson & Craig Hackshaw