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We have been hosting Tauranga Boys College International students for three years now. We do not have children of our own so going from no children to having two teenage boys in the house was a learning curve for us……..But we LOVE it!

We’ve had boys from Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan. All our students been really fun to have around and we try very hard to help them improve their English while staying here. Being proud Kiwi’s, we like to show the boys what it is to be a New Zealander, watch rugby, have BBQ’s, go mountain biking and really mix with our families. We love going on trips around the Bay of Plenty and further afield when possible and generally enjoying the boys company. 

 Currently we have Kian (Germany) and Elvis (Hong Kong) staying with us. It’s fantastic to see them get along and foster a friendship with each other. Kian plays a lot of hockey (for the college) and Elvis is an avid photography student so he’s out there taking photos of the hockey games for the team and sharing them with the boys. They go to the golf driving range, game arcades, shopping, movies and do other things together too.  It takes the pressure of us to entertain all the time and gives them the freedom to become responsible young men, knowing we are there to back them up and help whenever it’s needed.


David & Rochelle Free

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