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The Tauranga Boys' College uniform

The College uniform will be worn complete on the way to and from school as well as at school. The manner in which it is worn should reflect credit upon the wearer. All clothing should be named in permanent marking ink in such a manner that it cannot be tampered with. Parents are advised to "buy large" for the College's experience is that boys grow out of their clothing during the first three years. It is advisable to check that all materials are dye-fast. Students should keep their hair clean and tidy. As a guideline, the length should not allow hair to flow below the ears/eyes or hang beyond the collar. Students may tie back their hair to achieve this standard.

Normal School Wear
• Footwear
Summer: Sandals may be black or brown leather , and/or 
Winter: plain black lace up leather shoes
• Socks
Mid-grey stretch wool and nylon with two navy blue bands. Garters or some other method of holding up socks must be used.
• Shorts
Poly/Visc mid grey short with school discobolus.
• Shirts
Blue Polo shirt with Tauranga Boys' College discobolus emblem.
• Jersey
Navy jersey, single royal blue band around neck.
Physical Education
Navy blue shorts with Tauranga Boys' College discobolus emblem and Titans logo, and Tauranga Boys' College Phys Ed White/Blue PE Shirt or Tauranga Boys' College sports code top.
Optional Extras
Jacket: Regulation navy blue school jacket with Tauranga Boys' College discobolus emblem. 
or Blazer: Regulation navy blue (30031) College blazer with embroidered discobolus on breast pocket.
Dress Uniform
Either School uniform or School dress uniform (desirable but not obligatory). Clean, plain black, brown or grey suede or leather school shoes, plain dark-toned socks (preferably grey), navy blue polyester-viscos regulation trousers, white shirt, school tie, College blazer (plus school jersey if needed).
Year Thirteen Uniform
Either Year 12 School uniform or Alternative dress. 
Footwear - Shoes: plain black leather. School sandals without socks optional in summer. 
Socks (with trousers) dark, preferably grey. (with shorts) White walk socks. 
Trousers - winter - navy blue polyester-viscos regulation trousers; summer - Navy shorts with Tauranga Boys' College discobolus emblem.
Shirt - White polo neck shirt with collar and Tauranga Boys' College discobolus emblem. 
Jersey - Regulation Cambridge blue with Tauranga Boys' College discobolus emblem.