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 What is your school like?
Tauranga Boys' College is a state secondary school for boys, located on the edge of the downtown area of Tauranga. Founded in 1958, the College has gained a national reputation as one of the best state boys' schools in New Zealand.
Our College provides a balance of educational opportunity. While our primary focus is on academic need, we recognise that sporting, cultural, and citizenship values also have a place in our curriculum and as such, we endeavour to provide those opportunities.


How many l Students do you have?
We have about 2,000 students including International students from many different countries.


Where can I find more information about studying in New Zealand?
You can find more information about studying in New Zealand at the following links Study in New Zealand and National Certificate of Educational Achievement.
Study in New Zealand or https://www.nzqa.govt.nz/ncea/


How do I enrol with Tauranga Boys’ College?
We use an online platform called eSchool for International Student enrolments. Please click the link How to Enrol for the process details.


What are the school terms?
Term 1: late January to early April — then a 2 week break
Term 2: May to early July — then a 2 week break
Term 3: late July to late September — then a 2 week break
Term 4: mid-October to mid-December — then a 6 week summer break.
What subjects can I study?
At Tauranga Boys’ College we have the following subjects choices for year levels 9-13 please click on this link for subjects available


When does Tauranga Boys’ College open?
Our school is open at 8:00am every morning during term time, Monday to Friday.
Lessons start at 8.40am and ends at 3:10pm.
The school year starts in February. There are 4 terms in a year, with 2-week breaks between them and a 6-week summer break at the end of the year.
Who can help me with renewing my visa documents?
Your agent is asked that they do this. The school's International Centre is also able to assist the student with the online application.


What if I need to see a doctor?
Most international students are not entitled to publicly funded health services while in New Zealand. However, in most situations the student's medical insurance will cover medical expenses. Full details are available through the Ministry of Health, and can be viewed on their website.
The Doctors Tauranga is located just across the street from Tauranga Boys’ College.
Medical and Travel Insurance
International students must have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand. Most students choose to have the school organise their insurance. Click here for more information about our preferred provider Uni-care. A network of staff and facilities including an International Director, Homestay Manager, Guidance Counsellors, Deans and Liaison staff provide extensive support for all student's welfare and needs.


Is homestay accommodation available and how much is the cost?
Yes we offer Homestay accommodation at Tauranga Boys’ College . The College administers our quality Homestay programme. To satisfy student visa requirements, payment is required in advance. Homestays provide a furnished room per student, all meals, laundry, plus care and guidance.
Refer to our fees: https://www.tbc.school.nz/international/how-enrol/fees


What are the transport options available to my son?
Some students come in private cars, some walk (if they live close by) or travel by public bus. Tauranga Boys’ College offers a range of transport options for boys. Buses depart from several locations around Tauranga. For transportation costs, please contact the office. View timetable


What are the families like in New Zealand?
New Zealanders enjoy a balanced lifestyle with great career opportunities and plenty of time for recreational activities. Outdoor activities are abundant, including water sports, snow sports, extreme sports, as well as some of the most beautiful walks in the world. New Zealanders have a relaxed attitude on the surface, we are also quite private. Kiwis are friendly and outgoing. We describe ourselves as ‘friendly but reserved’ and ‘open but respectful’. Sharing food is a common Kiwi way of bringing people together in a relaxing atmosphere. Kiwis are generally kind hearted and want to help, so we do not like saying “no”.


What do I need for classes?
  1. Make sure you always have a pencil, pen, ruler and eraser with you every day. Your teacher will tell you what exercise books you need.
  2. For the specialist classes, you need to wear your school style black leather shoes.
  3. When your class has PE you will need your PE shirt and shorts.


Does my child have to wear a uniform?
Yes, uniform items can be purchased from the school uniform shop. For more information about Tauranga Boys’ College uniform requirements please click here Tauranga Boys' College Uniform Price List


What if I am sick and I can’t come to school?
a) If you are sick and cannot come to school, make sure that your parents/caregiver contact the school to let the school know by emailing the attendance office at [email protected]
b) If you feel sick at school or if you hurt yourself at school, you need to go to the Student Office area and inform the staff who will look after you.
c) If you have an appointment during the school day and have to leave the school during the day or miss a day as a result of the appointment, your parent needs to let the school know in advance through a written note.


What if I change my address and phone number?
If you change your address or phone number your parents need to let the International Office know by giving you a written note or emailing [email protected]


What is the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students?
New Zealand education providers have an important role in ensuring the well-being of their international students. For more information on the code refer to the following link Pastoral Care of International Students You are encouraged to read the Code, which is available on the NZQA website in several languages. If you have further questions about the Code you can email: [email protected]
What if something goes wrong?
As the Code administrator NZQA has the legal authority to investigate potential breaches of the Code. It has a process for finding out if the concern or complaint is valid and if a provider has breached the Code. This includes getting information from both the student who has raised the concern or complaint and the education provider. For information about how to make a complaint see the NZQA website How to make a complaint.