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Tauranga Boys' College is a secondary school for boys, located on the sea side town of Tauranga, Bay of Plenty in New Zealand.

Our school is located in Downtown Tauranga, on large open schools grounds where you will be able to enjoy a balanced life of first-class education, sporting facilites and extra-curricular activities.
Watch our school tour video to see around our school grounds and the beautiful Bay of Plenty are where you will be able to explore.

Tauranga Boys' College has a national reputation as one of the best state boys' schools in New Zealand.

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If you're interested in attending Tauranga Boys' College, you can contact us or enrol online. You can find out more about our Homestay program and view our brochures.

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 Tauranga is the largest city in the Coastal Bay of Plenty and is home to approximately 140,000 people and the School with around 2000 students.
The sprawling city is virtually surrounded by water - locals’ lives consist of fishing, diving, swimming and simply enjoying the stunning views from almost every corner.