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Education Review Office - External Evaluation, June 2020

Positive and affirming learning-centred relationships are built on a strong foundation of success, the ‘Respect Code’ and the ‘Good Man Qualities’.

High levels of pastoral care and student success are a priority for the school

Students are supported to know, understand and explore future pathways for learning and employment.

Rich and diverse experiences across the broad curriculum promote student engagement and active participation in all aspects of school life

A deliberate and strategic approach to build leaders’ and teachers’ capability in culturally responsive pedagogy to raise and promote Māori success is evident.

Almost all teachers take part in co curricular activities and events to support students’ involvement in sports and culture.

The school is achieving excellent outcomes for the large majority of students and is working towards equitable outcomes for all.

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2022 Ncea % Attainment

Notable Old Boys


  • Bryan Gould - Rhodes Scholar, UK Labour politician & Vice Chancellor University of Waikato
  • Rod Gover - Rhodes Scholar

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