Zone Boundaries and Out of Zone Information

For a DETAILED ZONE MAP, visit and search for Tauranga Boys' College

Zone Boundaries:

  • Starting in the North East, the zone covers Welcome Bay Rd up to the boundary with Papamoa College Zone (up to 680/677 Welcome Bay Rd, but not including 679 Welcome Bay Rd). 
  • The zone includes all of Waitao Rd, and the whole of Kaite Falls Rd up to the intersection with Rocky Cutting Rd and Te Puke Quarry Rd. 
  • The Eastern and South Eastern boundaries of the scheme are up to, but not including, 1515 Number 2 Rd, Te Matai Rd from Pyes Pa Rd intersection, East to no.2308, but no further. The scheme includes all of Whataroa Rd, Mangatoi Rd, Seales Rd, Mountain Rd, Burd Rd, Kaiawha Rd, Taumata Rd and Omanawa Rd. 
  • To the West the scheme ends on State Highway 29 at the intersection with Old Kaimai Rd and Hanga Rd (Not including 3159 SH29)
  • The North West Boundary is at Old Highway at the intersection with Youngson Rd and Tauranga West (SH2) Rd, up to the intersection with Omokoroa Rd (1311 SH2 is the last included address)
  • To the North the scheme includes all of Omokoroa Point and all areas to the East. The scheme boundary to the North is the South side of Waihi Rd. The scheme also includes Matakana Island, with the Northern-most boundary being 116 Waihirere Rd. 

* Notes - Tauranga Boys’ College reserves the right to conduct a small enrolment review of the school zone if link roads are developed, or any major residential housing estates are developed in these areas.

Out of Zone Applications for 2024  – Year 9 to 13 - These are now closed

Out of zone applications for 2025 open online from Monday 21st July 2024, they close on Monday 9th September 2024 at 4pm.

Out of zone applications for enrolment will be processed in the following order of priority (this is a Ministry of Education requirement). 

First Priority
Will be given to students who have been accepted for enrolment in special programme(s) run by the school and approved by the Secretary for Education. This priority category is not applicable to Tauranga Boys' College because the school does not run a special programme(s) approved by the Secretary.
Second Priority - Will be given to applicants who are siblings of current students.
Third Priority - Will be given to applicants who are siblings of former students.
Fourth Priority - Will be given to children of former students of the College.
Fifth Priority - Will be given to applicants who are children of employees of the school’s Board of Trustees.
Sixth Priority - Will be given to all other students who live outside the school zone and who wish to attend the College.

Parents applying to enrol their son at Tauranga Boys’ College as an out of zone student must complete the online enrolment form and attach all required supporting documentation. The online application must include: 

  • A copy of the student's birth certificate or passport
  • The student's most recent school report 
  • The student's NZQA record of learning (for students at years 12 and 13).

The 2025 out-of-zone applications ballot date is Monday 16th September 2024. Parents/Caregivers will be advised via the e-mail address supplied, by Thursday 19th September 2024.