Our People

At Tauranga Boys’ College, we are proud to have some of New Zealand’s finest educators. Tauranga Boys’ College employs more than 200 full and part-time staff, including teachers, administration, grounds and maintenance staff.

Senior Executive
Andrew Turner
Ian Stuart

Associate Principal [email protected]

Leyton Watson

Deputy Principal, Learning & Achievement - Junior School [email protected]

Grant Marshall

Deputy Principal, Learning & Achievement - Senior School [email protected]

Senior Leadership Team
Amanda Ibbitson

Assistant Principal, Principal’s Nominee, NZQA [email protected]

Neil Howard

Assistant Principal, Teacher Systems & Support [email protected]

Michelle Ormsby

Assistant Principal, Pedagogy [email protected]   

Wayne Merritt

Assistant Principal, Human Resources & Property [email protected]

Michael Akkerman

Assistant Principal, Student Management [email protected]

Rhian Elmes

Assistant Principal, Academic Achievement [email protected]