Bus Information

Bus Information - Enrolment - Tauranga Boys' College

Bus Information  

Over 1000 students at Tauranga Boys’ College come to and from school each day by bus. 

Any questions, problems or to discuss options regarding buses please contact the school, ph: 5784029 and ask for Nikki Taula (ext 2200).

Rural Bus Students:


You will need a bus pass to use the rural buses;  these must be ordered from: 


Most of these buses are free however if you live west of the Wairoa River then your bus is a “fare paying” bus and you will need to purchase a bus pass through the website (not school).

We will notify you when your ordered bus pass is ready to be collected from the school office.

The bus stop for Rural buses at TBC is on Devonport Road.   

School Hopper Bus Students: 

If you are eligible for a School Hopper, please see the link and advise Nikki Taula which bus you will be taking:  School bus routes 2022 - Baybus

  • School Hopper Bus: Blue or White buses

No Bee Card required

No loading restriction (will carry a full seated and standing load)

All school students aged 12 years or over, will need to wear a face mask

  • School Hopper Bus: Yellow buses

Bee Card required (must be pre-loaded with a child concession or you will be charged the default fare)

No loading restriction (will carry a full seated and standing load)

All school students aged 12 years or over, will need to wear a face mask

The bus stop for School Hopper buses at TBC is on 13th Ave.

URBAN bus students: need a registered BEE Card to ensure they get the free service. 

Go to beecard.co.nz for further information and to order online.

The bus stops for public buses are on Cameron Road.

Bee Cards

Students are required to use a Bee Card on some bus routes (see article 'Do I need a Bee card for my School bus?' in the FAQ section) – if using a Bee Card make sure that you have had your concession loaded otherwise you will be charged the default fare. If this puts your Bee card balance below $0, you will be unable to tag on again until you top-up.

If you are a student and paying by cash, please either be in school uniform or present your student ID to the driver to have your concession applied.

We’re excited to confirm that school students aged 5-18 years old will continue to enjoy free bus travel on all Bayhopper buses in 2022.  From 31 January 2022 to 31 December 2022 free travel for students is available from 7am-9am, and from when school finishes to 5pm Monday to Friday during school term. There is no longer a free service for school students at the weekend.

You must have a Bee Card (with child concession preloaded) to access the service free of charge and avoid being charged a standard fare. This means school children can continue to save at least $16 per week when using their Bee Card on all Bayhopper buses.

To apply for a Bee Card and get a concession loaded, please visit www.beecard.co.nz and plan your bus journey at www.baybus.co.nz.