Future Pathways

The evolving patterns of work and education globally make it essential that every school student has access to career education and guidance that is future focused and personalised.

Students need to be empowered to identify, plan and manage their learning and strive for their aspirations for the future.

The Pathways and Gateway programmes are run through the Future Pathways Centre and all students are involved at some stage in their time at our College.


In the Junior school, the careers' programme is delivered through the following modules:

  •      Year 9    The Good Man programme
  •       Year 10   My skills and qualities, my subject choices and how these link to real occupations.

In the Senior school, all students receive academic counselling and work with the Head of Pathways to create a personal career plan.

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Gateway placements are available for Senior students to gain work experience and relevant industry-based learning.

Students work in the workforce in an industry of their choice for up to a week. They supplement this experience with targeted learning in the classroom and on site.

Academic Coaching

All senior students work closely with their Form Teachers around career planning and subject selection. Every year students make decisions about subjects that are not based on sound evidence or planning. Parents are encouraged to be active in their son’s choices. Early in the year, parents, students and their Form Teachers discuss the academic and future pathways available. 

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Head of Pathways
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Gateway Manager
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Ms M Grainger
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