International Students

I wish to warmly welcome you to Tauranga Boys' College. As the Director of International Students, I consider the happiness, safety and welfare of all our students to be of paramount importance. Students have personalised on-call support available to them anytime day or night. I look forward to helping you strive towards creating a strong academic purpose and will do everything to ensure that the academic, co-curricular and social aspects of both school and home life are as rewarding as possible.

Annette Roff - International Director

Tauranga Boys' College aims to be "Best for Boys" by being dedicated exclusively to meeting the educational, social and developmental needs of boys as they journey from boyhood to manhood.
Our unwavering focus is on being better than before. We have a commitment to continuous improvement as we challenge our boys to strive for excellence in academic, sporting and cultural activities in a male context. Boys are challenged to enquire and to reflect on their actions, and to be motivated to achieve their potential. We provide a supportive environment with strong leadership, clear direction, and high expectations.
We are proud of our schools traditions and its heritage, whilst being firmly focused on preparing our young men to face the challenges of the future. I invite you as an International Student to be part of our College and its future and therfore look forward to meeting you.

Robert Mangan Tauranga Boys' College Principal