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Once all documentation has been submitted Tauranga Boys will be in contact with you.


Email scanned documents to: Julie Cole


I / We accept that Tauranga Boys’ College reserves the right to decline any Homestay application. The School is not required to give reasons in these cases.

I / We agree that information gathered may be shared with other education providers if necessary.

I / We agree to undergo a NZ Police check on all people over the age of 18 residing in our home at any time before Tauranga Boys’ College students commence living in our home. I / We accept that Tauranga Boys’ College will review the information supplied by the NZ Police Vetting service and will advise if my application has been successful. I / We understand that the material supplied by the NZ Police Vetting service, once reviewed will be destroyed within 14 days of Tauranga Boys’ College decision.

We are aware that the NZQA Guidelines for the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students)

Code of Practice 2016 -Schools prevents Tauranga Boys’ College from placing students with parents who have a criminal conviction.

We are aware there is no guarantee that when a student from TBC is placed with you that he will remain in your care for the duration of his stay. If your student is removed from your home, then we cannot guarantee that another student will be placed with you immediately.

Please be aware that failure to return ALL forms completed can result in your application being declined.