Junior Assessments


  • You should know what type of test it is (Diagnostic, Formative, or Summative) and how important it is.

  • You should be told about summative tests at least one week before they happen. 

  • Tests should be taken seriously, with separate desks, no talking, and no help (unless you have permission from the Learning Centre).

  • You can't borrow or lend things during the test.

  • If different classes are taking the same test, they should do it within one week of each other.

  • If you're absent on the day of a test, you'll have to take it on your first day back at school. If you're gone for more than a week, you may get an "absent" grade.

  • Tests should be marked and returned to you within two weeks. They shouldn't be returned until everyone who was absent has taken the test.

  • Marks should be entered into the school's system within one week.

Assignments and Portfolios

  • Due dates for assignments should be clearly shown to the class. You'll be reminded of them regularly.

  • The assignment instructions will say if it's an individual or group project.

  • Late assignments won't be marked unless you have a good reason. In those cases, you should hand it in on your next class.

  • Assignments should be handed in at the beginning of the class, unless your teacher says otherwise.

  • Plagiarism (copying someone else's work or using an AI tool (like ChatGPT) is not allowed. You need to give credit to your sources and be original. If your work isn't authentic or is plagiarised, you will not be awarded a grade.

Practical Assessments

  • You should be told about practical assessments at least one week before they happen.

  • If you're absent on the day of the assessment, you'll have a chance to do it when you come back to school, if it makes sense.

End-of-year Examinations

  • At the end of the year, there will be exams for core subjects. These exams can determine your class placement for the next year or if you meet the requirements for certain subjects.

  • The exams will be 1-2 hours long and taken under formal conditions.

  • If you miss an exam with a good reason, you'll have a chance to make it up when you come back to school, within three days.

  • The exams will be handed back to you for checking, but you won't get them until everyone has taken the exam.

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